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Sep 19 2017
Do you own or manage a commercial building with a flat roof? If so, odds are you’re already thinking about winter. Wind, rain, sleet, snow--it’s all coming. Are you ready?
Sep 7 2017
If you’re in the market to make your home more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient, you surely know that the best route to getting there starts with an energy audit. While there are numerous free energy audits available, by selecting one of... Read more
Aug 29 2017
Our non-invasive infrared services target and identify hidden problem areas before you can see them. That saves you time and money. And it helps keep you on budget while protecting your employees and customers from the risks of mold or structural... Read more
Blower door text in Nashua, NH.
Aug 17 2017
At Infrared Diagnostic, we’re a third-party auditor, so there is no motive to sell you any home improvement services or products. Although our energy audit comes with a fee, it’s more valuable than a free energy audit could ever be.
home energy audit infrared diagnostic
Jul 31 2017

Especially during the summer and winter, many homeowners in the greater Massachusetts area are reminded that their homes aren’t as comfortable as they should be.

Infrared Diagnostics,  Attic room with knee wall , MA
Mar 28 2017

At Infrared Diagnostic, we are often called to houses where there’s a kneewall attic. This is often a living space built into a sloped roof area. It can be a bonus room over a garage in a new house, or a walk-up attic in an older house.