You have no idea how much you need Mr. Lund's diagnostic report until you receive it and see your problems in images and read his recommendations! If you have energy or insulation issues in your home as many in New England do, you absolutely need a before and after! You need a plan! Otherwise, how will you know the money you are spending to address your issues is being used effectively and efficiently to address the correct problems? How will you guide the work you are performing to improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your home unless you have a clear understanding of where the problems are? The simple answer is you cannot! This pressurization test and infrared imaging will quickly reveal the problem areas. Of course, Mr. Lund will provide you with very simple advice based on his years of experience on what and how to resolve the issues. That way when you talk to contractors, you have a plan they can act on, and upon completion of their work, you can retest and verify that the issues have in fact been resolved! The services provided are invaluable if you need to resolve energy issues in a cost effective manner because the report tells you where the problems are! Thank you again Mr. Lund! Ich freue mich sehr, danke, Auf Wiedersehn!

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