Infrared Diagnostics, Poorly installed insulation in attic floor, MA

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An infrared insulation defect scan is a scan of the buildings walls, floors and ceilings for defects in insulation and air sealing.

A proper inspection conducted by trained personnel with the appropriate equipment can reveal damaged or missing insulation, improper caulking, incorrectly installed materials, mold or water damage.

For example, the infrared image below on the left shows missing ceiling insulation. The regular digital image on the right does not indicate any problems.


Below is another infrared image of improperly insulated walls with blown in cellulose insulation. The blown in insulation was not densely packed, and over the years insulation settled causing a defective thermal barrier. We recommend adding densely packed blown in insulation where needed, and re-testing with the infrared thermal camera.

Complete digital report with infrared and digital images of findings with recommendations for repairs needed are included with the service.

Note that houses normally have hundreds of small leaks, such as gaps around windows, doors and baseboards, which are noticeable at times as drafts. Although this air infiltration increases the heating and cooling costs, it also maintains indoor air quality. There is a trend in modern buildings to seal the house with plastic vapor barriers to absolutely minimize air leaks and then use mechanical ventilation systems such as heat exchangers to provide air exchange.