Summer time energy audits are still possible! Seen from the inside one can see all the heat leaking into this Concord, MA home.
July 31, 2017

Especially during the summer and winter, many homeowners in the greater Massachusetts area are reminded that their homes aren’t as comfortable as they should be. During the summer, this often involves a second floor that never seems to cool down despite the air conditioning being turned on or a shock when the electricity bill pops up. This can leave many people scratching their heads wondering what can be done to make their home more comfortable, energy efficient, and sustainable.

The solution is simple — an energy audit! And believe it or not but you can get one, even in the summer.

How An Infrared Diagnostic Energy Audit Works

An energy audit pinpoints inefficiencies in your home’s energy usage. Making suggested recommendations results in greater comfort year-round, improved energy efficiency, and boosted energy savings.

You might think that all energy audits are created equal, however, an assessment from Infrared Diagnostic is different. It is always performed with superior equipment — including a state-of-the-art FLIR T660 high-resolution infrared camera — to ensure that all potential threats to your home’s efficiency and durability are found.

Following your energy audit, you will receive a full report detailing each area that should be addressed. This can be used as a guide by your preferred home performance contractor to make sure each spot is properly taken care of.

Summer Energy Audits — They’re Possible!

The reason why many people think that they can’t get an energy audit in the summer is because, in order to get accurate readings, there has to be enough of a temperature difference between the home’s interior and the outside. If you have air conditioning, this temperature difference is easily achieved, so your energy audit can proceed without any issues. You will simply need to cool your home enough so that the infrared camera can pick up where problems with air leaks and insulation lie.

Home Energy Insights from Infrared Diagnostic

If you’re tired of continuously experiencing problems with discomfort, high energy bills, and accelerated wear and tear on your HVAC systems, it’s time for an energy audit. With Infrared Diagnostic, if your home has air conditioning, you’ll be able to get your summer energy audit right away. This way, you’ll be able to make improvements right away to still enjoy the remainder of the summer and make your home more energy efficient and comfortable for the rest of the year.

Find out how to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable this summer. Call (978) 440-9900 or contact Flemming at Infrared Diagnostic to schedule your energy audit today!