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A HERS Index is a way to evaluate a home’s energy efficiency and compare the option for increased energy efficiency performance.

A HERS Index Score can be very valuable in new construction, renovation or purchase of a new home to provide the information on cost of ownership, best options of increased energy efficiency and compliance with local energy codes.

Infrared Diagnostic provides complete HERS ratings of new and existing homes using the latest REM/Rate software systems. If you are looking at selling your existing home a lower HERS index may help to promote the home sale by showing potential home buyers the HERS energy efficiency report.

So, if you are looking a building a new home, larger residential development or renovating your existing home, call Infrared Diagnostic for a quote of our professional HERS rater services.

Currently under the 2015 IECC code in effect in Massachusetts as of January 1st, 2017 a new construction home would be required to meet a HERS index of 55 or lower. Adding renewable energy systems to the home will allow an increase in the HERS index from 55 up to 62.

Infrared Diagnostic Services include:

  • Pre-construction consulting
  • Plan review
  • Projected Energy modeling from plans
  • Mid-point inspection testing and inspection of insulation and air sealing
  • Infrared insulation and air sealing inspection pre-drywall installation
  • Blower door air infiltration testing
  • HVAC duct leak testing
  • Final as build HERS index score
  • Certification of home in MASS Save Residential New Construction Program

Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program and MASS Save

Participation in the Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program is voluntary on behalf of the Sponsors and the applicants.  Developers, builders and home owners may be eligible to receive incentives and high efficient equipment rebates on new construction homes in addition to added energy efficiency and comfort. Infrared Diagnostic is a full service partner in the Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program operated under Mass Save. For questions about participating please Click Here!