Infrared Diagnostics, infrared energy audit performed during summer, MA

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We are proud to offer a full range of professional infrared diagnostic services for a variety of applications. From electrical and flat roof scans to radiant heat floor scans, moisture detection and more, the Infrared Diagnostic team is equipped with the tools and experience to discover the source of inefficiency and other issues in your home or building.

Infrared Electric Scan

Infrared Diagnostics,  infrared electric scan, MA
As a facility manager, maintenance manager, or building owner, safety, reliability and repair costs of the facility are a concern. Annual infrared electrical testing is critical, and it can increase safety and prevent unwanted power failure.

Block Wall Scan

Infrared Diagnostics,  Concrete blocks , MA
This is the best way to see the grouted cells, insulation and air-leakage in an entire wall section. Infrared testing can be performed at any time during the construction process, without delaying or interrupting any other trades or affecting the progress of the building.

Infrared Moisture Scan

Infrared Diagnostics,  Thermal imaging camera, MA
Properly controlling moisture in your home will improve the effectiveness of your air sealing and insulation efforts. Good moisture control also contributes to a home's overall energy efficiency. Poor moisture control can lead to problems with mold.