Moisture Exterior
October 20, 2017

With fall in full swing here in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, you’ve probably been thinking about how you can keep your home warm as the weather cools down. But have you considered how moisture could undermine your home’s comfort this fall and winter? Moisture problems are all-too-common in homes here in New England, and these problems can do much more damage than you might think. Fortunately, there are ways to detect moisture in your home before it causes significant damage.

The Problem with Moisture                                     

Moisture infiltration and leaks can stem from a variety of causes. In older homes, for example, water might enter through worn-out weatherproofing or through an aging roof. In old and new homes alike, water can enter through improper or inadequate envelope sealing. Plumbing leaks, HVAC leaks, condensation, pest infestation, and high levels of rain or snow can be other contributing factors.

 Whatever the cause, moisture in your home is never a good thing. In addition to mold, excessive moisture can cause indoor air quality issues, ceiling and wall damage, and structural damage. It can also make your insulation less effective and give your home an overall musty feeling. Excessive moisture can even contribute to “sick house syndrome,” a situation where you experience cold-like symptoms after spending extended periods of time in your home.

Detecting Moisture with Infrared

The worst thing about moisture is that it often goes undetected. Maybe you’re wondering “Is my roof leaking?”, are not sure how to find a leak on a flat roof, or can’t find a roof leak that you know is there. Perhaps you don’t know of any current moisture issues but want to make sure moisture isn’t undermining the integrity of your home. Whatever the case, an infrared moisture scan can give you an in-depth look at how moisture is affecting your home.


During an infrared moisture scan, a professional will scan the interior and exterior of your home using infrared technology, which can reveal moisture problems that might otherwise be invisible to the human eye. After the scan, you will receive a detailed report about any moisture problems that were uncovered, along with recommendations on how to address them.

Infrared Diagnostic: Helping You Eliminate Moisture Problems

An infrared moisture scan is the first step toward eliminating moisture problems in your home or building. With infrared services, you can get the information you need to invest in home upgrades that will control moisture. Whether you’re near Framingham, closer to Waltham, or in southern New Hampshire, the expert at Infrared Diagnostic are ready to help you diagnose your home or commercial property. We use high-tech equipment and detailed reports to help you understand exactly what your property needs to be safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient.

Don’t let moisture damage your home or commercial property. Contact us or call (978) 440-9900 to schedule an infrared diagnostic scan!