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Since 2007, we have been offering Code Compliance and builder services to builders and homeowners across Massachusetts. We are happy to work with you on a range of compliance projects, including 2015 IECC and MA Stretch Code. Additionally, our team provides HERS ratings, blower door testing and HVAC duct leakage testing to assess the efficiency of your build and its mechanicals.

2015 IECC Compliance Services

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Infrared Diagnostic has been supplying Code Compliance Services and HERS rater services to Massachusetts builders and homeowners since 2007. Energy efficiency requirements in the building code have changed over the years. We know what needs to happen to make your project go through the system smoothly, keeping you on-schedule and on-budget.

MA Stretch Code

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The stretch code will help home owners and new construction homes meet new energy efficiency standards. These energy efficiency standards in the stretch code can help home owners save money as well as provide a more energy efficient home. Another way to increase a homes energy efficiency is to have an infrared energy audit.

Blower Door Testing

Infrared Diagnostics,  Blower door test , MA
Blower door testing of building tightness and air infiltration. Duct Blaster testing of the buildings HVAC system to locate air leaks in the duct system. Complete digital report of findings with recommendations for repairs needed are included.

HERS Ratings

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A HERS Index Score can be very valuable in new construction, renovation or purchase of a new home to provide the information on cost of ownership, best options of increased energy efficiency and compliance with local energy codes.

HVAC Duct Leak Testing

Air conditioning and heating bills can significantly increase due to Leaky Ducts. Duct leakages can result in poor heating and cooling at home, create unpleasant hot or cold rooms and humidity problems in general. And the worst part is that, duct leakages can create air quality problems by pulling pollutants and irritants directly into the house.